Hi everyone and welcome to the first post of our new blog!

Last week I had  a conversation with another accountant on the differences between desktop packages and cloud based packages. This simple picture speaks volumes about the differences when faced with the decision of which to choose.

Desktop vs cloud

My passion lies in the cloud as the information is easily accessible and suits the busy lifestyle that most of us face. Gone are the days when people would happily be tied down to their desks from 08:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday. There are still many businesses who adopt this work attitude and then there are many who have chosen to allow their employees more flexible hours. Flexibility seems to make for happier employees as they have more time to focus on their personal lives and interests. Happy employees equal competent and dependable employees which in turn equals accuracy and financial success. And what could be more important that seeing your business succeed when you’re just starting out.

The benefit of cloud based accounting that I appreciate the most is that you can access real-time financial information at the click of a button, from any device with internet capabilities. This makes it extremely convenient for parents on the move, busy bosses who travel a lot, entrepreneurs who need to spend more time planning, creatives who need to be churning out beautiful works of art. With automated bank feeds you can see balances, invoices and expenses from as recent as yesterday’s information. You don’t have to wait until the end of the month to have an idea of how your business has been doing. How nice that we can keep track and start planning ahead to avoid possible calamity!

Cloud computing is suitable for everyone

With the Xero cloud based package, there is no need to download any special software. It integrates fully with many different apps to provide a holistic approach that will suit your small business. There are POS systems for retail stores and restaurants, inventory systems for manufacturing plants, CRM systems for tracking client details, HR apps, the list is really endless.

As a small business owner, why don’t you let me know what types of apps and systems you’d like me to review and discuss? I’d love to solve a problem that your business is facing. The work environment is tough enough without having to worry about mundane tasks. The more automated we can become, the more time we free up to be doing the fun things in our lives.

In our next post I’d like to show you some nifty tricks and capabilities that we can use on Xero to make your small business a success.

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